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Infrared Preventative Maintenance.

Techtric Engineering uses Infrared Thermography to perform preventative
maintenance checks on electrical equipment by using a heat signature to
identify faults including:

  • Deterioration & Degradation.
  • Loose Connections.
  • Overloaded or Imbalanced Circuits.
  • Faulty Breakers.
  • Damaged Switches.
  • Faulty Fuses.

Types of Electrical Distribution Equipment that should be checked
regularly include:

  • Utility Substations, Transformers & Feed Poles
  • Main Incoming Services & Capacitor Banks.
  • Main Switchboards & Disconnects.
  • Main Distribution Panels & Disconnects.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies.
  • Generator Controls & Transfer Switches.
  • Lighting & Power Panels.
  • Machine Control Panels.
  • Isolating Switches for Motors.

Techtric Engineering regularly carries out Infrared inspection for
many of our customers who have seen benefits including:

  • Reduced maintenance cost and increased revenue.
  • Reduced Downtime.
  • More Efficient Inspections.


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Infrared Inspection, Preventative Maintenance

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