Techtric Engineering - Toronto, Ontario
New & Relocated
Electrical Distribution
Equipment Installation & Maintenance.

Techtric Engineering Limited has over 28 years experience in supplying & installing new and relocating existing Electrical Distribution Equipment.

Combined with our commitment to offer the best in preventative maintenance, our expertise covers;

  • Automatic Transfer Switches.
  • Bus Duct Distribution Systems.
  • Circuit Breaker Retrofits.
  • Explosion Proof Wiring.
  • Emergency Power Supply.
  • Energy Management Equipment.
  • Load Centres.
  • Motor Control Centres.
  • Power Distribution Wiring.
  • Panel Boards.
  • Substations.
  • Switchgear.
  • Safety Switches.
  • Surge Protection & Arrestors.
  • Transformers.
  • U.P.S. Systems.
  • Voltage Regulators.

For more information on the New & Relocated Electrical Distribution Equipment Installation and Maintenance, call us today on 905 597 5855.

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